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Are you done with bland & boring interiors? Me too!

My goal is to spread joy and happiness through the design of cheerful interiors. In this podcast, I give you all the confidence you need to use colours effectively when designing interiors full of dopamine!

You won't find me speaking about the 'right' way to use colours. Instead I will help you trust your intuition and connect your emotions to colours, to create interiors that are fully aligned with your own selves.

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Colour Your Home Happy S1 Ep1 - Hi! I'm Justine

S1 Ep1 - Hi! I'm Justine

Welcome to the very first episode of Colour Your Home Happy! I’m your host, Justine from Rainbow Shaker, an exuberant interior designer, former Aerospace Engineer and colour lover! And today, it’s just you and me on this lively journey as I have the pleasure of sharing my own story with you. I promise you it will be quirky!
Colour Your Home Happy S1 Ep2 - Bold vs muted colours​ with Ry Elliott

S1 Ep2 - Bold vs muted colours

- with Ry Elliott from Ry Elliott Interiors

For this first episode, joining us is Ry Elliott, a talented biophilic interior designer, founder of Ry Elliott Interiors and contestant on Interior Design Masters s4, who finds joy in the subtlety of muted colours. Ry brings a fresh perspective, proving that tranquillity and joy can be found in the quiet tones inspired by nature.
Whether you’re a fan of bold statements or prefer the serenity of muted tones, this episode invites you to explore the endless possibilities of colour in interior design.
Colour Your Home Happy S1 Ep3 - Trends vs anti-trends​ with Emma Bestley

S1 Ep3 - Trends vs anti-trends

- with Emma Bestley from Yes Colours

In this vibrant episode, I have the pleasure of receiving Emma Bestley, co-founder and creative director of Yes Colours, a dynamic paint supplier known for its vivid hues. Together, we dive deep into the world of interior design, exploring the contrast between following trends and forging one’s own creative path.
Whether you’re a trend-follower or a trendsetter, this episode is your invitation to break free from conventions and infuse your home with the colours that make YOU truly happy!
Colour Your Home Happy S1 Ep4 - The power of colour and shapes​ with Molly Mural

S1 Ep4 - The power of colour & shapes

- with Molly Hawkins from Molly Mural

Join me and the incredibly talented mural artist, Molly Hawkins from Molly Mural, for a colourful exploration into the world of design, emotion, and transformation.
In this episode, we dive deep into the transformative power of murals and how shapes and colours can bring energy and joy into your living spaces. Discover real-life examples of how Molly’s murals have turned ordinary spaces into extraordinary expressions of personality and happiness. Learn practical tips for incorporating murals into your home, and get inspired to trust your intuitions when it comes to design.
Colour Your Home Happy S1 Ep5 - Designing in duo with Quirk and Rescue

S1 Ep5 - Designing in duo

- with Ms Pink & Mr Black from Quirk & Rescue

Love is in the air, and so is creativity! Join us for a special Valentine’s Day episode, where we explore the magic of designing in duo with the dynamic couple behind Quirk & Rescue, a colourful East London design partnership specialising in wallpapers, cushions, prints, fabric…
Meet Tania, aka Ms Pink, the creative force behind Ms Pink Interiors, and Jason, founder of Mr Black Prints. Together, they’ve crafted a signature style that’s all about vibrant hues, bold graphics, and timeless elegance. From typography to music, optical illusions to geometry, their designs are a fusion of influences. In this episode, we dive deep into their journey as a creative couple, uncovering the secrets behind their harmonious collaboration.
Get ready for a dose of inspiration, laughter, and heartwarming stories!
Colour Your Home Happy episode 6 with Joelix

S1 Ep6 - Plants & colour

- with Judith de Graaff from Joelix

In this episode of Colour Your Home Happy, we’re joined byJudith de Graaff, a talented multi-faceted Dutch designer: photographer, styler, blogger, co-author of the famous Urban Jungle and Plant Tribe books and more! Currently residing in the picturesque Ardèche region of Southern France, Judith’s passion for plants and bright colours shines through as she shares her insights on incorporating greenery into cheerful living spaces 🌈
In this episode, we’ll dive into her colourful journey, her passion for design and greenery, and her insights on making your home a vibrant oasis 🌴. Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or just starting to embrace the green scene, this episode is for you!
Colour Your Home Happy episode 7 with Kitty Joseph

S1 Ep7 - From Fashion to Interiors

🌈 Join us on Colour Your Home Happy for an electrifying conversation with the iconic fashion designer, Kitty Joseph🎨✨ In this episode, we delve into the captivating intersection of fashion and interior design, exploring how Kitty’s vibrant style transcends from the runway to our living spaces.
From her renowned colourful women’s wear collections to her innovative rug designs, Kitty Joseph infuses joy and colour into every creation. Discover how her passion for self-expression translates into her collaborative projects, where runway-inspired rugs and vibrant textiles breathe life into homes, transforming them into cheerful havens.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, interior design aficionado, or simply someone who loves to surround themselves with colour and creativity, this episode promises to inspire and uplift your spirit!
Colour Your Home Happy episode 7 with Momtaz Begun-Hossain

S1 Ep8 - Colour inspiration around the world

🌈Join us for a captivating episode of “Colour Your Home Happy” as we embark on a colourful adventure around the globe 🌍, guided by the wonderful Momtaz Begum-Hossain. An award-winning journalist, content creator, podcaster, tv presenter, arts & crafts expert, travel blogger, certified Colour Therapist, and author, Momtaz brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to our exploration of global colour inspirations.
In this episode, we’ll dive deep into the kaleidoscope of colours that inspire home design and our everyday lives, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and traditions. With anecdotes, tips, and practical advice, we’ll explore how to infuse your living spaces with the vibrant energy and cultural richness found across the world. Whether you’re drawn to the bold and eclectic or the serene and minimalist, this episode offers something for every design enthusiast.

📓So grab your favorite design notebook and join us as we embark on a colourful adventure filled with inspiration, imagination, and the promise of a brighter, happier home!
Colour Your Home Happy episode 9 with PLuck

S1 Ep9 - Colourful kitchens

- with Pluck

Hi there! Welcome to another vibrant episode of Colour Your Home Happy 🎨! Join us as I sit down with Leila Touwen and George Glasier, two of the creative minds behind Pluck, a London-based kitchen design studio crafting beautiful bespoke cabinetry and furniture.
🌈🧑‍🍳 In this episode, we explore how to transform your kitchen into a colourful and inviting space that truly reflects who you are. Leila and George share insights into their creative process, their favorite design elements that can bring some splash of colour, and how they blend functionality with aesthetics to create kitchens that inspire joy and creativity.
Tune in for expert tips, inspiring stories, and a deep dive into the world of Pluck. Whether you’re dreaming of a kitchen makeover or simply seeking design inspiration, this episode is sure to spark your imagination ✨!

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