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I strongly believe in the power of collaboration to bring creative visions to life. I am passionate about working together with like-minded individuals, brands, and organisations to create vibrant and inspiring projects.

Whether it's partnering on innovative design concepts, hosting workshops, or contributing to collaborative events, I welcome opportunities to join forces and make magic happen! If you're interested in exploring potential collaborations with me, I'd love to hear from you.

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Collab examples

Rainbow Shaker and Molly Mural collaborations

x Molly Mural & YesColours

I recently teamed up with the amazing mural artist Molly Hawkins from Molly Mural for a jaw-dropping collaboration that’s sure to make my home pop with enthousiasm and colour!
Inspired by my recent trip to Brazil, the brief was to create a tropical interior roof mural that captured the essence and vitality of the lush Brazilian landscapes.
We used the wide range of eco-friendly paints from YesColours, to make it vibrant.
We also took the opportunity to record a Colour Your Home Happy episode in which explore the magic of murals and how shapes and colours can bring boundless energy and joy into your living spaces.

x Kelvingrove Property Sourcing

The lovely Jay Spence from Kelvingrove Property Sourcing, a property investment company in Glasgow, and I united our forces to bring back to life two tired properties.
The first project (Dalmarnock Drive) consisted in the refurbishment of a 2-bedroom flat, with a view to renting it out to students or young professionals. I was responsible for the design of the communal spaces (hallway, living / kitchen and bathroom). Jay made sure the designs came to life, as well as finding the happy future tenants.
For the second project (Scarrel Gardens), a 1-bedroom flat in Glasgow, we decided to give it a retro 70s revival with a bright colour palette!
Rainbow Shaker and Kelvingrove Property Sourcing

Dalmarnock Drive Project

Photos by A.CREATIVE

Scarrel Gardens Project

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