Very Up: A colourful bubble in the Parisian gloom

A few months ago, I was approached by Very Up, a young and dynamic company specialised in professional training. The company operates in Lyon and now Paris. For their new 250m² space located in the center of Paris, they wanted me to completely redesign the space to make it more dynamic and motivating while being aligned with their identity.

As a company, Very Up is committed to sustainability and has a strong and youth-oriented corporate culture.

The objective: Create a personalised, modular, and flexible workspace, mixing comfortable open-space workstations, collaborative and semi-private spaces. I also made it my mission to seek out materials and furniture from re-use and local elements, in collaboration with specialised suppliers and partners.

As soon as you walk through the front door, you are immediately immersed in a playful and light atmosphere with a touch of greenery. There is no reception desk, but the welcome is warm and the Parisian gloom remains outside. A large table, made to measure with local wood by Openwood, invites collaboration and sharing.

On the other side of the room, a high table delimited by a blue circle has been set up for those who wish to concentrate but enjoy the natural light and plants.

The kitchen is in the adjoining space has been designed for 1-on-1 conversations during coffee breaks. One of the walls has been painted with chalkboard paint to allow employees to express themselves freely.

Once through the kitchen door, a long, bright corridor leads to a variety of collaborative spaces and workspaces to suit the needs of employees.

Whether it's small group projects, client discussions, large or informal meetings, or concentrated work, employees can now choose the space that suits them. ​

A lounge area is also available for breaks between hard work.

In terms of colour palette, I got inspired by Very Up brand’s bright colours and geometric shapes to create pops of colours balanced with wooden tones from second-hand furniture and bespoke elements.

As a result, the whole space has been designed as a joyful, playful and anti-gloom place where it's good to work, collaborate, and share, in short... an office where it's good to live!​


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