How to - Change the size of a room with paint

Did you know that paint not only adds aesthetic appeal to a room but also has the power to visually alter the size of a room? In my interior designs, I love to use different colours and shade of colours to interact with our mood and our perception of a space.

With the right colour, geometric shape and perspective, you can really play with the feeling of volume. However, it's really important to first analyse the features of a room before doing it so you know which feeling you want to give to the room and you don’t compromise those features.

Let's take this empty white room as an example:

Now, what if we painted the wall facing us in a darker colour to create an accent wall?

In doing so, we have the feeling that the wall has come closer to us. This gives us the illusion that the room has become shorter. This technique can be used to shorten long corridors for example, while adding a pop of colour to highlight the back wall to stand out.

What would happen if we decided to paint the ceiling in the same colour than the accent wall?

Our eyes will now be drawn to the colour contrast that is created along the corridor. They will follow a guiding line, thus making the room appear longer.

If we inverted the two colours, here is what the room would look like:

The room would look narrower, as if the two walls on the side were closing in on each other.

Now that we have played with the width and depth of a room, let's play with its height.

If you have a room with a lower ceiling, like a mezzanine for example, I would recommend to paint all walls in a bold colour while painting the ceiling white or light tone. It will give the feeling of a higher ceiling and elongate the room overall.

I think you can guess what would happen if we now paint the ceiling in a bold or deep colour while keeping the walls white or in a lighter tone.

We indeed gave the appearance of a lower ceiling, making it stands out. It's great to use this technique for a large room where you want to create a more intimate feel.

Finally, what if the whole room was painted in a darker colour?

It instantly makes the room feel more compact, and can add a cozy and intimate touch to a room. If the room has access to natural sunlight, it can also help to balance out even the most dramatic dark paint choices to really make it work.

I hope those 6 paint techniques helped you take the right decision for your room. If I've lost you, here's a quick summary of the different techniques you can save on Pinterest:

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